Scottish team news update

As per our Communication Plan the Scottish Group have undertaken a range of activities designed to promote and inform others of the work of the MiW programme throughout the last few months. We have begun to use targeted information sessions within suitable conferences, meetings etc to inform others within our key audience groups of the MiW programme of Remote & Rural Health Boards ,Health & Social Care Staff, Remote & Rural Communities, Scottish Government, Partner Organisations. Some specific examples of these events and meetings are detailed below.

We also have plans in place for a national media promotion week highlighting the international NPA MiW programme. This is being planned in collaboration with partner agencies and LIG members communications and publicity teams.

We have had a series of local implementation group (LIG) meetings and workshop sessions during the period of June – December 2016. In addition to this members of the LIG have attended a variety of local events and seminars to inform colleagues and discuss the work of the MiW project.

Scottish Group colleagues presented the MiW project outline and objectives to the Scottish School of Rural Health and Wellbeing mutli agency partners in November. The project has also been shared with colleagues working within the newly formed Scottish Rural Medical Collaborative with the intention of implementing work in both groups that compliments and augments the other.

The Scottish Group have produced an information document highlighting the work of MiW and also mapped the products and services of co existing recruitment and retention project outputs with those within the MiW business case to assist with identifying gaps and needs.

The Scottish Group have planned a series of events to support the MiW meetings and workshops to be hosted in Scotland in March 2017. This will include:

  • Media/press and social media promotion week using the title “Rural Healthcare education Week” to promote and publicise the added value of MiW partnerships and the programme .
  • An international Rural Colloquium Event with MiW partners attending along with invited Scottish key colleagues,
  • An international recruitment & retention networking dinner
  • Presentations and attendance of Scottish Group and NPA partners at the Highland Medical Education Conference.