The Norwegian working group

The Norwegian working group

Norwegian Group statement

In our team we are all academic generalists with a rural twist.

All the team members hold a PhD in health research, but each has a different academic background.

Our approach is interdisciplinary blending statistics with political science, medical anthropology and general practice.Dealing with complex issues requires a mix  of research methods. – This is our home ground.

The team are based at the northernmost university in the world, in different distributed places.

Our team’s top 3 key messages: 

  • First, it is possible to improve the situation concerning GP retention in rural Norwegian municipalities.
  • Second, there is no quick fix.
  • Third, a combination of different measures, including understanding and priority from the head administration as well as professional development opportunities for the GPs, is usually needed.

Norwegian Team Members Biography


Birgit Abelsen

Research Manager
The Norwegian Centre of Rural Medicine (NCRM)


Margrete Gaski

Senior Researcher
The Norwegian Centre of Rural Medicine (NCRM)


Helen Brandstorp

Director of the Norwegian Centre of Rural Medicine (NCRM)