The Icelandic working group

The Icelandic working group

Icelandic Group statement

We have a broad experience and knowledge in the team – nurses, doctor and bio-technician with an extensive management experience. We also hold many years of experience working with Northern Periphery Programmes and thus a lot of international networking and contacts. We are all enthusiastic to work towards improved recruitment and retention – as we are all responsible for making it work. That perhaps makes us the “key players” in this role.

Our team’s top 3 key priorities:

  • Change the attitude towards recruiting and retaining people in rural healthcare services in Iceland.
  • Establish a sustainable mechanism at the municipality in how to make new recruits welcome to the community
  • The importance of having good guidance and a plan on how to recruit and retain healthcare staff in rural areas.

Icelandic Team Member Biography


 Hildigunnur Svavarsdóttir

Chief Executive of Emergency, Education and Quality control Services and Chief Nursing Executive
Akureyri Hospital


Bjarni Jónasson

Chief Executive Officer
Akureyri Hospital



Sigurður E Sigurðsson

Chief Medical Executive Officer Chief Executive of Surgical Services
Akureyri Hospital