Case studies and
sustainability plans

The Making it Work (MIW) project consisted of five recruitment and retention case studies, at scale, across Northern Europe and Canada, using a business model tailored to local and regional needs. MIW applied a community focused lens, a detailed planning process, along with a structured evaluation highlighting costs and benefits of the interventions.

The links below will take you to case studies and sustainability plans for each partner country’s initiatives.

Sweden’s work focussed on recruitment of physicians, nurses and teachers in the Storuman municipality. The project team, the county council and the municipality collaborated to recruit university qualified professionals to Storuman by targeting people who had some previous association with the region. Before the MiW project, these organizations had been working independently and even in competition with one another.

 Swedish case study report »     Swedish sustainability plan »

In Canada MiW focused on physician recruitment and retention in the Arctic territory of Nunavut. The work included health career promotion initiatives for youth, developing new contract models for physicians, and continuing education and team building activities for full time physicians. These activities complemented work already underway, to address the full scope of the Recruit and Retain Business model.

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In Scotland the group worked to improve and implement standard recruitment and retention processes for rural practitioners. This included the development of a selection of activities and processes for potential/new recruits, communities and NHS employers to improve engagement/integration between them.

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In Norway participatory research was done in three case municipalities to improve their recruitment of General Practitioners (GPs). Central support was provided by the Norwegian Centre for Rural Medicine to the municipalities, including sharing of relevant expertise, and annual workshops where the three municipalities met, shared their progress and learned from eachother.

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In Iceland MiW focused on the chronic shortage of specialist physicians in Akureyri Hospital and establishing sustained recruitment and retention in the area. It included cooperation between the hospital and the municipality, delegating personal contact people to supporting the integration of physicians and their families in the community and mentorship for the physician within the hospital.  It also included the implementation of an annual cycle of recruitment and retention activities.

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